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Shenzhen HuiTai Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.
About HuiTai
Shenzhen Hui Tai Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was founded in December 10, 2009, the registered capital of 1 million, employees 51--100 people. Shenzhen city is a household electrical appliances and plastic products of the production and sale of enterprises, the main plastic toys and gifts, products are mainly used for export,. The company mainly services to small and medium-sized enterprises, the company to focus, intentions services as the core value, hope through our professional standards and unremitting efforts, the remodeling of the small and medium-sized enterprise network image, for the promotion of enterprise products, dissemination of culture construction provides guidance services. ...

HuiTai Honory

    Hui Tai advantage
    • Independent production, the comprehensive control

      We have our own carved machine, hand room, can satisfy all kinds of custom design requirements of the clients.

    • Front end technology

      12 have more than 5 years of experience in research and development staff, so that our products go at the forefront of peer, humane design, so that products more practical.

    • Products with high quality and high quality

      Focus on product technology at the same time, we have also selected the best raw materials, in order to make the best products, to reject inferior products, only to do products of low price and good quality